Category: Physics

SI Units

  Quantity Unit Symbol Length meter m Mass kilogram kg Time second s Temperature kelvin K Amount of Substance mole mol Electric current ampere A Luminous intensity candela cd

Weight Conversions

  To Convert From To Multiply by Gram Kilogram 0.001 Milligram 1000 Ounce (avoirdupois) 0.035273962 Ton (metric) 1 x 10-6 Kilogram Gram 1000 Ounce (avoirdupois) 35.273962 Ton (metric) 0.0001 Ton (short) 1.1023113 […]

Thermal Conductivity Constants

  Material Constant (Calorie/cm.C.s) Silica Aerogel 9.554E-8 – 9.554E-7 Air 5.97E-07 Wood 9.554E-7 – 9.554E-6 Hollow Fill Fibre Insulation Polartherm 1.00E-07 Alcohols and Oils 0.000002388 – 0.00000501585 Polypropylene 5.97125E-06 Mineral Oil 3.29613E-06 […]

Physics Constants

  Quantity Value Unit {220} lattice spacing of silicon 1.92016E-10 m alpha particle mass 6.64466E-27 kg alpha particle mass energy equivalent 5.97192E-10 J alpha particle mass energy equivalent in MeV 3727.37917 MeV […]


A new study has explained that planetary nebulae may not simply be nebula emissions from a star approaching the end of its life but could be the result of a binary central […]