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Scale-Up and In-line Monitoring During Continuous Melt Extrusion of an Amorphous Solid Dispersion.

A new interesting article has been published in AAPS PharmSciTech. 2018 Oct;19(7):2818-2827. doi: 10.1208/s12249-018-1162-5. Epub 2018 Sep 25. and titled:

Scale-Up and In-line Monitoring During Continuous Melt Extrusion of an Amorphous Solid Dispersion.

Authors of this article are:
Haser A Haight B Berghaus A Machado A Martin C Zhang F.

A summary of the article is shown below:
Chemical degradation of drug substances remains a major drawback of extrusion. Larger-scale extrusion equipment has advantages over smaller equipment due to deeper flight elements and added flexibility in terms of screw design, unit operations, and residence time. In a previous study, we extruded a meloxicam-copovidone amorphous solid dispersion (ASD) on a Nano-16 extruder and achieved 96.7% purity. The purpose of this study is to introduce a strategy for scaling the process to an extruder with dissimilar geometry and to investigate the impact on the purity of the ASD. The formulation previously optimized on the Nano-16, 10:90 meloxicam and copovidone, was used for scale-up. Our approach to scale-up to the ZSE-18, utilized specific mechanical energy input and degree of fill from the Nano-16. Vacuum was added to prevent hydrolysis of meloxicam. Downstream feeding and micronization of meloxicam were introduced to reduce the residence time. In-line monitoring of the solubilization of meloxicam was monitored with a UV probe positioned at the die. We were able to achieve the same purity of meloxicam with the Micro-18 as we achieved with Nano-16. When process conditions alone were not sufficient, meglumine was added to further stabilize meloxicam. In addition to the chemical stability advantage that meglumine provided, we also observed solubility enhancement which allowed for an increase in drug loading to 20% while maintaining 100% purity.

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