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[Recent advances in cell-free unnatural protein synthesis].

A new interesting article has been published in Sheng Wu Gong Cheng Xue Bao. 2018 Sep 25;34(9):1371-1385. doi: 10.13345/j.cjb.180203. English Abstract and titled:

[Recent advances in cell-free unnatural protein synthesis].

Authors of this article are:
Gao W Bu N Lu Y.

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in English, Chinese无细胞非天然蛋白质合成作为蛋白质研究的新兴手段,已成功用于表征蛋白质分子间、蛋白质与核酸分子间相互作用等基础科学研究及医药蛋白、蛋白质材料等工业生产领域。无细胞非天然蛋白质合成系统不需维持细胞的生长,无细胞膜阻碍,可依据研究目的添加基因元件或化学物质从而增强工程设计和过程调控的自由性;也可赋予蛋白质新的特性、结构及功能,如可实现蛋白翻译后修饰、反应手柄引入、生物物理探针及多聚蛋白质合成等。文中系统地综述了目前应用于无细胞蛋白质合成系统中的非天然氨基酸嵌入方法,包括全局抑制及基于正交翻译体系的终止密码子抑制、移码抑制、有义密码子再分配和非天然碱基等方法的研究进展,及非天然氨基酸在蛋白质修饰、生物物理探针、酶工程、蛋白质材料以及医药蛋白质生产等领域的应用进展,并分析了该体系的发展前景及广泛工业化应用的机遇与挑战。.Cell-free unnatural protein synthesis (CFUPS) as an emerging approach for protein engineering research, has been successfully applied in basic scientific studies (e.g., protein-protein interaction, protein-nucleic acid interaction) and industrial production (e.g., pharmaceutical proteins, protein materials). CFUPS can improve the engineering freedom and the process control by allowing free addition of genetic elements and chemicals as research purposes. It also can give protein novel characteristics, structures and functions, including post-translational modification of proteins, incorporation of reaction handles, synthesis of biophysical probes and polymeric protein. This article systematically reviews the unnatural amino acid incorporation methods (global suppression, stop codon suppression, frameshift suppression and unnatural base-pairs) and the application advances of unnatural amino acids in protein modifications, biophysical probes, enzyme engineering, biomaterials and biopharmaceutical protein production. The opportunities and challenges of the CFUPS system development and the wide application of industrialization are also illustrated with details.

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