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[Progress in Newcastle disease virus against tumor].

A new interesting article has been published in Sheng Wu Gong Cheng Xue Bao. 2018 Sep 25;34(9):1432-1441. doi: 10.13345/j.cjb.180153. English Abstract and titled:

[Progress in Newcastle disease virus against tumor].

Authors of this article are:
Wang B Song L Ma D Dong Y Wang X.

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in English, Chinese新城疫病毒 (Newcastle disease virus,NDV) 为副黏病毒科,禽腮腺炎病毒属 (Avulavirus) 的禽副黏病毒Ⅰ型 (APMV-Ⅰ),可对250 多种禽类造成致死性感染,给世界范围内的家禽养殖造成了巨大损失。目前,研究发现NDV 对人肿瘤细胞具有溶瘤作用,能够选择性地在癌细胞中复制。并且一些研究已经进行了人体临床试验,取得了良好的效果。因此,新城疫病毒是肿瘤治疗的潜在治疗剂。文中就NDV 结构蛋白与毒力的关系、NDV直接溶瘤作用、NDV 为载体的肿瘤基因治疗、NDV 抗肿瘤与自噬等进行了综述。.Newcastle disease virus is paramyxoviridae, Avian mumps virus genus type I, and infects more than 250 species of birds, causing huge losses on poultry farming worldwide. Numerous experiments have demonstrated that Newcastle disease virus has oncolytic activity on tumor cells and can selectively replicate in cancer cells. Thus, Newcastle disease virus is a potential therapeutic agent for cancer treatment. Some human clinical trials achieved good results. In this review, we summarized research progress of the relationship between the structural protein of Newcastle disease virus and virulence, anti-tumor and autophagy of Newcastle disease.

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