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[Progress and perspectives on cyanobacterial ploidy].

A new interesting article has been published in Sheng Wu Gong Cheng Xue Bao. 2018 Sep 25;34(9):1386-1397. doi: 10.13345/j.cjb.170513. English Abstract and titled:

[Progress and perspectives on cyanobacterial ploidy].

Authors of this article are:
Wang L Wang J Zhu T Lü X.

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in English, Chinese蓝细菌是一类古老的光合原核微生物。就基因组拷贝数 (倍性) 而言,蓝细菌是原核生物中基因组低、中、高拷贝共存的典型类群之一,而基因组多拷贝特性是制约蓝细菌高效遗传改造的瓶颈。已有研究表明,蓝细菌的基因组拷贝数表现出生长周期的依赖性并受多种遗传、环境因子的影响。文中综述了蓝细菌基因组拷贝数的国内外最新研究进展、分析方法及影响因素,并讨论了蓝细菌基因组多拷贝研究的环境生态和生物技术意义。最后,对未来蓝细菌基因组拷贝数相关的研究方向作出展望。.Cyanobacteria are a phylum of bacteria which are believed to be the oldest photosynthetic prokaryotic microorganisms on earth. The phylogenetic group of cyanobacteria was thought to be one of the prokaryotes that contain monoploid, oligoploid and polyploid species, and one obstacle to engineering cyanobacteria is their polyploidy genome. In recent years, the ploidy level of cyanobacteria was found to be influenced by growth phase and by multiple genetic and environmental factors. In the present article, we reviewed the progress, analytical methods and influencing factors on the cyanobacterial ploidy, and discussed the significance of cyanobacterial polyploidy regarding to environmental ecology and biotechnology. Based on this observation, the future research directions in this field are prospected.

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