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Arabidopsis and rice showed a distinct pattern in ZIPs genes expression profile in response to Cd stress.

A new interesting article has been published in Bot Stud. 2018 Sep 25;59(1):22. doi: 10.1186/s40529-018-0238-6. and titled:

Arabidopsis and rice showed a distinct pattern in ZIPs genes expression profile in response to Cd stress.

Authors of this article are:
Zheng X Chen L Li X.

A summary of the article is shown below:
BACKGROUND: Plant ZIP genes represent an important transporter family involved in metal transport. Evidence has implied that some ZIPs may contribute to plant Cd uptake, but a genome-wide examination of ZIPs’ role in Cd tolerance and uptake has rarely been reported. In this study, a genome-wide bioinformatic screening of candidate ZIP genes in Arabidopsis and rice was performed, followed by a systematic determination of their expression profile in response to Cd stress. Typical up-regulated ZIPs genes were then expressed in yeast cells to examine their effect on hosts’ Cd uptake.RESULTS: A total of 27 ZIP genes in Arabidopsis and rice were screened out based on sequence similarity. In Arabidopsis, Cd exposure strongly impacted the expression of most ZIPs, among which AtIRT1, AtIRT2, AtIRT4 AtZIP9, AtZIP10 and AtZIP12 were sharply up-regulated and AtIRT3, AtIRT5 were significantly down-regulated in root. In rice, all tested genes in shoot except for OsIRT1 and OsIRT12 were sharply up-regulated, while OsIRT1 and OsZIP1 in root were significantly down-regulated. Interestingly, some genes like AtIRT3, AtZIP5, AtZIP12, OsIRT1 and OsZIP1 showed converse expression regulation when subject to the tested Cd stress. When expressed in yeast cells, three ZIPs, AtIRT1, OsZIP1 and OsZIP3, caused a substantial increase in Cd sensitivity and Cd accumulation of the host cells.CONCLUSIONS: In conclusion, this study revealed a distinct pattern in ZIPs family genes expression between Arabidopsis and rice in response to Cd stress. Arabidopsis mainly up-regulated root ZIPs genes, while rice mainly up-regulated shoot ZIPs genes. Three genes, AtIRT1, OsZIP1 and OsZIP3, conferred an increased Cd accumulation and sensitivity to Cd stress when expressed in yeast cells, further implying their roles in Cd uptake in plants.

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