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Preparation and application of glyconanoparticles.

A new interesting article has been published in Curr Drug Targets. 2018 Sep 26. doi: 10.2174/1389450119666180926111133. and titled:

Preparation and application of glyconanoparticles.

Authors of this article are:
Huang G.

A summary of the article is shown below:
The interaction between a sugar molecule and a target is relatively weak. By simultaneously linking multiple sugar molecules to one nanoparticle for forming the glyconanoparticle, the targeting can be greatly improved. This is due to the existence of multivalent interactions between the glyconanoparticle and the target. Based on this, by linking the drug to the glyconanoparticle, the targeted delivery of drug can be achieved. Therefore, glyconanoparticles have very important applications in drug delivery. Herein, the application of glyconanoparticles in drug delivery was summarized and analyzed, and countermeasures were put forward for the existing problems. At the same time, the prospect of delivering drugs for glyconanoparticles was predicted.

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