Help Scientists Find Supernovae!

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The Australian National University is calling all citizen scientists to join in an exciting search for supernovae. A supernova is the final explosion of a dying star. The explosion is said to be brighter than some galaxies.

To participate in this project, simply visit and look through a database of images taken by the SkyMapper telescope. All the anomalies found in the images are to be marked and sent to the researchers for further assessment.

Dr. Anais Möller, one of the lead researchers behind the study, said the first people to correctly identify a supeprnova would be recognized as co-discoverers.

The information gathered from this project could improve our understanding of the nature of supernovae. It will also allow scientists to measure “the size of the universe”.

Thousands of images of the sky taken by the SkyMapper telescope will be added to the website database every month, Möller said.