Reversing Ageing

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Researchers have found that injecting the blood of babies in mice can reverse some symptoms of ageing such as memory loss.

Although it has long been known that the blood of younger animals has a rejuvenating effect on the old, this is the first time that human blood has been shown to have this ability.

Stanford University neuroscientists Tony Wyss-Coray and Joseph Castellano conducted the study which was published in the journal Nature.

The researchers found that old mice performed well in memory tests after being injected with blood from the umbilical cords of newborn babies. Upon further investigation, it was found that there were more neurons connecting to the brain of the mice.

The researchers sought to identify the particular protein responsible for this and identified one particular candidate named TIMP2. Although this protein is not directly related to memory and brain function, it is known to have an influence on cells and the tissues. The researchers believe that TIMPs’ ability to reverse the symptoms of ageing is an indirect effect of its rejuvenation of the cells and blood vessels.

The researchers have noted that further studies would be conducted to determine the possibility of developing drugs based on TIMP2 to help fight ageing.