Climate Change Could Make Your Plane Trips Scarier

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A study has revealed that climate change is likely to increase turbulence in airplanes, increasing risk and raising the level of the unpleasantness of flights.

The study published in the Advances in Atmospheric Sciences journal warns that climate change could strengthen atmospheric jet streams in transatlantic flight routes. This would lead to a significant increase in the turbulence experienced by flights plying the routes, and pilots may be forced to redirect their planes.

“These results suggest that the prevalence of transatlantic wintertime clear-air turbulence will increase significantly in all aviation-relevant strength categories as the climate changes,” the study stated.

The author of the study, Paul William, an atmospheric scientist who works at the University of Reading, noted that severe turbulence could increase from 36 to 188 percent if nothing is done to reduce the level of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere as a result of climate change.