New Essays

– Essay about the documentary “The House I Live In”

– Experimental and Observational Methods  in  the Construction Industry

– Leadership Styles and Behaviors in Star Wars

– Episode VI Return of the Jedi

– Survey Distribution and Sampling Methods

– Artist Statement

– Foreign Currencies Trading Simulations

– Operant Conditioning

– Applying Animal Research to Human Behavior

– An Urban Ethnography of Latino Street Groups

– Online Criminal Behavior

– Peer Influence on Agression

– Experimental and Observational Methods

– Organizational Analysis of Amazon

– Criminal justice and the media

– Literature Review

– Movie Article

-The Social Network

– Studying Religion

– Quantitative Study of Personal Space, Comfort Zone and Gender Differences

– Business processes and Functional and Enterprise Systems

– What it means to be an individual?

– What makes slavery such a clear injustice

– The Drugs Law Don’t Work

– Nike Research Studies

– Interview with a Psychologist

– Business Network Transformation (BNT)

– Reflection Paper- Inductive Arguments

– Ethical Dilemma at Work

– The Gaia Hypothesis

– The No Child Left Behind Act

– Development of an Indirect ELISA for Serological Diagnosis of Bovine herpesvirus

– The Strange Situation

– Social Interactions And The Big Picture

– Hypothetical Reasoning

– What If?

– How much does society as a whole really understand about the mentally disabled?

– How does the structure of DNA (double helix) determine how the genetic information is passed on?

– Inductive and Deductive Reasoning

– The Benefits of a BSN education for nurses

– Nursing and Transforming HealthCare

– Psychology of an Interview

– SuperTarget Business and Ethics

– Ethical Dilemma and Nursing

– Domains of Nursing

– The Affordable Care Act (PPACA)

– My Nursing Career Motivations And Future

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