General Chemistry Practice Questions with Answers

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– What is the wavelength of a particular color of light if its frequency is 5.5 x 1014 Hz?

– Write the electron distribution and the orbital diagram for the Nitrogen.

– According to formula 2n2, what is the maximum number of electrons possible in the fifth energy level?

– When an electron moves from a lower to a higher energy level, the electron …

– Which designates the sublevels that exist in energy level 2? – What sublevel(s) are present in main energy level number one?

– A __ is an explanation of observable facts and phenomena

– What is the maximum number of electrons that can occupy an orbital if they have different spins?

– The formula 2n2 represents

– The excited state for an electron is unstable and they soon release the energy as __.

– Who placed electrons in energy levels, assuming that the electron would not lose energy as long as it stayed in the allowed level?

– According to 2n2, how many electrons can go in the fourth energy level?

– How many quantum numbers are there in quantum theory?

– The __ lines identify an element in spectroscopy.

– Spectral lines that identify an element are called the element’s _____ _____ spectrum.

– What happened to most of the alpha particles used in the gold foil experiment?