Compounds of Tellurate TeO42-

Compounds of Tellurate TeO42-
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IUPAC Name Chemical Formula Molar Mass (g/moL)
Sodium Tellurate Na2TeO4 237.58
Lithium Tellurate Li2TeO4 205.48
Barium Tellurate Trihydrate BaTeO4.3H2O 382.97
Chromium(III) Tellurate Cr2(TeO4)3 678.79
Zinc Tellurate ZnTeO4 256.98
Tantalum Tellurate Ta2(TeO4)5 1319.88
Cesium Tellurate Cs2TeO4 457.41
Calcium Tellurate CaTeO4 231.68
Cadmium Tellurate CdTeO4 304.01
Strontium Tellurate SrTeO4 279.22
Iron(III) Tellurate Fe2 (TeO4)3 686.48
Tin(II) Tellurate SnTeO4 310.31
Silver Tellurate Ag2TeO4 407.33
Magnesium Tellurate MgteO4 88.30
Manganese(II) Tellurate MnTeO4 246.54
Gold(III) Hydrogen Tellurate Au(HTeO4)3 774.78
Sodium Thiotellurate Na2TeS3 269.77
Thallium(I) Thiotellurate Tl2TeS3 632.56
Antimony(V) Tellurate Sb2(TeO4)5 1201.51
Antimony(V) Pertellurate Sb2(TeO5)5 1281.51
Mercury(I) Tellurate Hg2TeO4 592.78