Biochemistry Practice Problems VI

Biochemistry Practice Problems VI
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Proteases typically _________for their enzymatic action, and break the __________ bond at _____________ .

HIV-1 protease functions to:

The regulatory influence of one subunit of Protein Kinase A on the other type of PKA subunit is essentially the same as ______________.

The slowest step of a multi-step enzyme pathway is termed the:

Proteolytic activation is a regulatory process that is ____________ and which modifies a(n) _______________ to form an active, functional product. Which of the following is a correct statement regarding substrate binding of the Cytochrome P450 enzyme system?

In the CYP450 reaction cycle, the first electron reduces _________ ,

The phenomena of induction is best described as:

The heme molecule found in CYP450 functions to:

If a specific isotype of P450 responsible for metabolism of active parent drug X has been inhibited, then drug X would be expected to: