Compounds of Benzoate C7H5O22-

Compounds of Benzoate C7H5O22-
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IUPAC Name Chemical Formula Molar Mass (g/moL)
Sodium Benzoate NaC7H5O2 144.10
Cerium(IV) Benzoate Ce(C7H5O2)4 624.57
Methyl Benzoate C6H5CO2CH3 136.15
Potassium Benzoate KC7H5O2 160.21
Molybdenum(VI) Benzoate Mo(C6H5COO)6 822.64
Mercury(II) Benzoate Monohydrate Hg(C7H5O2)2.H2O 460.83
Emamectin Benzoate C49H75NO13.C7H6O2 1008.24
Zinc Benzoate ZnC14H10O4 307.62
Rizatriptan Benzoate C22H25N5O2 391.47
Silver Benzoate AgC7H5O2 228.98
Iron(III) Benzoate Fe(C7H5O2)3 419.19
Pentafluorobenzoate NaC6F5COO 234.06
Hydrogen Benzoate HC7H5O2 122.12
Magnesium Benzoate Mg(C6H5COO)2 266.53
Ammonium Benzoate NH4C7H5O2 139.15